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To be your organization's definitive resource and trusted advocate in the assessment and management of risk transfer and the acquisition of insurance.

To save you time and money, and to empower you with information.
Always with peerless technical analysis and advice.
Always with integrity.


Resource Systems was founded in central Indiana in 1993 under the name Consultant Systems Ltd., LLC. Based on the belief that business owners would benefit from an objective analysis of insurance options, Resource Systems set out to help organizations in the design and acquisition of insurance.

Today, our clients (located primarily in the Midwestern states of Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio) think of us as their contracted insurance acquisition specialist. With no outside obligations, Resource Systems is able to act in your best interest, searching for your customized plan. We're immersed in the insurance marketplace, and we specialize in maximizing asset preservation and minimizing cost through careful planning and proactive assessments.

Our proprietary analysis systems are designed to be comprehensive and valuable evaluative tools, but our services don't end with assessment and strategy. We travel the road of implementation and ongoing supervision right along with you.